Lithium ion batteries are found in nearly any type of portable electronics including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. What you may not realize is that these batteries can pose a significant fire hazard of improperly stored or handled and conventional fire protection systems can't extinguish these battery fires. When you and your organization are involved with the TESTING, TRANSPORT and /or STORAGE of LITHIUM ION battery technologies; you should consider (and call) a company with the knowledge and experience to help you properly manage the risk.


  • Battery Transport Systems
  • Battery Storage Systems
  • Sationary Energy Storage Suppression Systems
  • In-Vehicle Battery Suppression
  • Battery Test Chamber Suppression Systems


  • Introduction to Batteries
  • Li (Ion) Battery Failure
  • Battery Transport & Storage
  • Li (Ion) Battery Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Response Process
  • Manual Fire Suppression


  • Battery Safety Assessments
  • Safety System Design
  • Emergency Response Procedure Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development