Emergency Operating Procedures

LithSafe offers standard operating procedures development that guides our client organizations through the emergency process. These procedures help to ensure that life safety and protection of property remains core to business operations.

Effective emergency response procedures and action plans help organizations prepare for battery fires that have shown the ability to complete disrupt their business. Lithium (ion) battery fires present unique challenges relative to response and business continuity. Complete response goes well beyond fire intervention and deals with the after effects of the fire. Well prepared organizations understand the need for 360 degree preparation and the ability to quickly recover from a battery fire.

Emergency Procedures (Fight or Flight)

LithSafe provides emergency operating procedure design and development services that create interventions per client specifications. It is important that the employees have a clear understanding of when to fight a fire versus when to evacuate to safety. We work with our clients to shape procedures that protect the workplace while placing the organizations most precious resource (their people) in the best position regarding life safety.

Emergency Action Plans

We offer optional services for developing and exercising emergency action plans. Our goal is to protect people by developing custom Emergency Action Plans for our clients. Our clients benefit by preparing for a worse-case emergency scenario and meeting stringent OSHA, NFPA, and local fire and emergency codes and standards.

Business Continuity Planning

There are many examples of battery fires, certainly those in vehicles and stationary energy storage systems, which have caused considerable damage to infrastructure, people and company image. One of more consistent missing components of the response package is business continuity planning. Fire incident management is crucial. However, response does not end with suppression. Our clients made it clear to us that they wanted additional intervention help, the type that went beyond the fire and to plant the seeds of recovery.

Through our work for the US EPA, LithSafe has developed a robust approach to dealing with battery fires throughout the battery life cycle. The ultimate goal is to prevent the battery fire. However, in the event of a fire, post incident management and recovery is critical to restoring operations and business functions.

LithSafe offers optional business continuity planning as part of our services. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) provides a business with procedures that keep business operations running. BCP is working out how to continue operations under adverse conditions that include local events like building fires, regional incidents like earthquakes and floods, and national incidents like pandemic illnesses. In fact, any event that could impact operations should be considered, such as supply chain interruption, loss of or damage to critical infrastructure (major machinery or computing/network resource).