F-500 EA is the new technology when it comes to firefighting.  It doesn’t smother a fire, like foam, so there is no need to form a perfect blanket.  F-500 EA extinguishes a fire three ways: it encapsulates the fuel, rapidly cools the fuel and surrounding structure and interrupts the free radical chain reaction.  Fuels quickly become neutralized.  Hydrocarbons become nonflammable and nonignitable.  Unlike water, which evaporates into steam, F-500 EA absorbs the heat energy, releasing a warm vapor.  Finally, F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction, which is the unburned gases from combustion.  This reduces the black smoke and toxins almost completely and increases visibility.


F-500 EA has been tested and recommended by ConEdison in New York for application on transformer fires energized to 345,000 volts with a straight stream from 125 feet.  Bosch, Dekra, Daimler and Deutsch ACCUmotive in Germany all recommend F-500 EA for lithium-ion battery hybrid and electric car fires.




Nebuma's NEBU®Light is an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent from expanded glass granulate. It can be used for fire extinguishing and preventive fire protection. The small, lightweight spheres consist of foamed glass with tiny pores on the inside, forming a closed cell structure. Since the granulate is 100% mineral based, it is not combustible.  Unlike other glass granulate products which have a melting point aroud 800°C, NEBU®Light is able to withstand temperatures higher than 1,350°C.

NEBU®Light does not cause water damage, and is reusable. It is suitable for class A, B, D and K fire loads. Even problematic fire loads such as metal or lithium battery fires and combustible liquids can be controlled and extinguished using NEBU®Light.