The comprehensive nature of our packages is reflected in our training offerings. We provide training (online/classroom/field exercising) that addresses all areas of the battery fire issue and more. Our training components identify life safety standards and requirements (OSHA, NFPA, etc.), clarify fire behavior, outline, demonstrate, and walk through extinguisher use, and highlight Lithium Ion and other alternative fuel source issues.

The training modules begin with Introduction to Batteries and covers a wide range of battery fire and safety issues ultimately concluding with Emergency Procedures. The complete course (8 modules) provides in- depth coverage of the fire and safety issues associated with li ion batteries.

Our Training Modules Include:

Introduction to Batteries

The initial module introduces the student to the common battery types as well as those specific to client operations.

Battery Failures

This module highlights the causes of battery failure.

Battery Fire Behavior

This module highlights the unique fire behavior of lithium ion and other batteries.

Battery Life Cycle

This module outlines the lifecycle of battery types.

Battery Storage/Charging

Highlighted are the issues associated with battery storage and charging.

Suppressant Choice and Effectiveness

This module compares available suppressants, highlights their effectiveness, and offers insight into application issues and choosing the proper suppressant.

Fire Extinguishers and Suppressing Systems

This module addresses fire extinguisher choice and use and identifies proper suppressants for lithium ion and lithium (class D) fires.

Emergency Procedures

The development, exercise, and development/deployment of proper fire response procedures is explored.

EV Battery Charging Station Safety (NEW)

Our newest offering walks the learner through the unique hazards presented by charging stations. The content ranges from shock hazard issues to the fire issues encountered by first responders and others.