LithSafe offers a comprehensive set of fire management services that include trainings, Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) development, and emergency response and business continuity planning that gives our clients a strong sense of security. Our clients realize that solid emergency preparation may reduce insurance rates, satisfy OSHA and other safety requirements, protect their investments, and ensure the safety of their employees.

Our goal is to provide the state-of-the-industry fire management interventions that give our clients peace of mind and allow them to focus on the dedicated task of growing and managing their business.

Our Process

LithSafe applies a systematic approach to assessing client emergency needs and developing extinguishing systems, training, and procedural interventions. The steps in our development process include:

Needs (Emergency) Analysis

We identify extinguishing system needs and outline training and procedural requirements.

System Design

We design the extinguishment system that is right for the client organization and meets their needs.

System Install

We install systems per code requirementsdiv> and client expectations.

Emergency Procedures

We work with the client to create custom emergency operating procedures to guide clients through system use and emergency response steps.

System Install

We train our clients to identify fire characteristics and proper fire extinguisher use.